Frac Sand Unloading & Storage

Location: Horseheads, NY
Materials: Sand
Material Handling Rate: 400TPH

  • Initial site development
  • Train unloading at 400 tons per hours with 30" belt conveyors
  • Unloading System is covered to provide clean operation in any weather
  • Central rail unloading system offers ability to fill 2 buildings
  • Splitters/Diverters and chutes to transfer sand to multiple locations: direct rail to truck, building #1 or building #2
  • Full automation from central control
  • Belt scales on incoming conveyor
  • Fully enclosed
  • Building #1 Capacity 40,000 tons
  • Building # 2 Capacity 40,000 tons

Wilson Manufacturing & Design, Inc. provided design and equipment for this Bulk Material Handling Equipment in Horseheads, NY.  The facility provides train unloading equipment to fill two 180' X 565' metal storage buildings, with 40,000 tons of sand storage in each building.  Rail unloading capacity of 400 tons per hour is offered.  Trucks can be loaded directly from rail if desired.  A single rail unloading system is utilized to transfer sand to either storage building.  Each building is equipped with an overhead tripper conveyor which allows the operator to discharge material in any location throughout the length of the building.  By adding portable walls, the each building can be divided into multiple storage bins to accommodate multiple grades of materials.  By utilizing the overhead tripper conveyor's ability to discharge material in any location, creating these multiple grade piles results in highly versatile and efficient storage buildings. 

Each building is equipped with two (2) truck loadout systems.  Each system includes a large payloader hopper and 200 TPH inclined loadout conveyor.  Optional belt scales are available for weighing material as it is loaded into trucks.  Each loadout conveyor has weather covers and flexible discharge socks to protect the material from rain during truck loading.

 Wilson Manufacturing & Design, Inc. worked directly with the client to design this system to meet their specific sand storage requirements.  Wilson Manufacturing & Design, Inc. provided general arrangement drawings which included the building locations, railroad tracks, truck lanes, concrete foundations, and equipment layout.

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Frac Sand Unloading & Storage Frac Sand Unloading & Storage Frac Sand Unloading & Storage Frac Sand Unloading & Storage Frac Sand Unloading & Storage