Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility

Location: Shattuck, OK
Materials: Frac Sand
Material Handling Rate: 600TPH

  • Initial site development
  • Rail unloading at 600 tons per hour
  • Incoming Storage System utilizes 10'x10' Rail pit hopper to 36" - 125' belt conveyor to 75' - 600 t.p.h. bucket elevator to 36"- 370' tripper conveyor
  • Outgoing Load-out system utilizes (4) 12'x16' load-out hoppers feeding (4) 50' load-out conveyors at 250 tons per hour
  • Truck return to storage capability via a 3'x5' hopper to place material from truck onto incoming system
  • Unloading system is covered to provide clean operation in any weather
  • All conveyors have abrasion resistant lined chutes.
  • Belt scales on incoming system
  • Zero Speed switches, Emergency Stops, Support Structures, Ladders and Safety Cages

Wilson Manufacturing & Design, Inc. provided design, equipment, start-up, and training for this Frac Sand Handling and Storage facility in Shattuck, OK.

This 60,000 ton storage facility provides rail unloading equipment to fill one 350' x 125' storage building at a rate of 600 tons per hour. Sand is fed from the railcar into a 10'x10' rail dump hopper feeding a 125' - 36" Heavy Duty belt conveyor to a 75' - 56"x60" Industrial Duty Bucket elevator and finally onto a 370' Wilson Tripper Conveyor before discharging into the buildings bins. In lieu of a reclaim system the customer elected to utilize a pair of front end loaders servicing (4) load-out stations. Each station consists of a 12'x16' Load-out hopper feeding a 50' - 24" Industrial Load-out conveyor to load awaiting trucks at 250 tons/hour. Frac sand that returns back to the facility or is delivered via truck can be loaded onto the incoming system utilizing a drive over dump hopper. 

Wilson Manufacturing & Design, Inc. worked directly with this repeat client, building contractor, and subcontractors to ensure a quality seamless installation by all parties involved. Wilson Manufacturing & Design's ability to advise the customer about sand handling and storage solutions provided our customer with a simple, functional, and reliable transfer and storage facility.

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Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility