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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators Bucket Elevators

Quality Features:

  • Screw take-ups with stainless steel adjustment rods or automatic gravity take-ups
  • Rexnord components available on most units
  • Cam-lock inspection doors in boot and head sections
  • Continuous welded joints and flanges to minimize corrosion
  • Interior of casings are coated with coal tar epoxy
  • Exterior sandblasted to SP-6, finished, primed with epoxy, and top coated with urethane
  • OSHA ladder and cage
  • Work platform at discharge
  • Intermediate section constructed of 3/16” mild steel
  • Head and boot sections constructed of ¼” mild steel
  • Stainless steel sections optional
  • Complete drive packages included
  • Custom charging hoppers
Bucket Elevators

Associated Equipment Available

Feed Conveyors

  • Screw conveyors
  • Drag conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Portable/Moveable conveyors
Bucket Elevators Bucket Elevators

Distributing Conveyors

  • Shuttle conveyors
  • Tripper conveyors
  • Trip Slinger conveyors
  • Transfer conveyors
  • Custom Charging hoppers
  • Payload Hoppers
  • Lump Crushers
  • Storage Tanks and accessories
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Spouting
  • 2 way Splitters
  • 4 and 6 way splitters
  • Dust Collectors
  • Walkways and platforms
  • Electronic Control Panels
  • Electronic safety switch
  • Motion Sensors
  • 0-Speed Switch
  • Inlet Hopper Overload Sensors
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Our Projects

Frac Sand Unloading & Storage

Location: Horseheads, NY
Materials: Sand
Material Handling Rate: 400TPH

Rail Unloading Storage and Truck Loading Facility

Location: Shattuck, OK
Materials: Frac Sand
Material Handling Rate: 600TPH

Barge Loading

Location: Bedford, KY
Materials: Gypsum
Material Handling Rate: 500 TPH

Unit Train Unloading Terminal Built for Productivity.

Location: Petersburg, VA
Materials: Potash
Material Handling Rate: 500 TPH minimum transfer capacity

Waterway Transfer Terminal

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Materials: Lime
Material Handling Rate: 300 TPH minimum

Ship Unloading Terminal and Loadout Facility

Location: Chesapeake, VA
Materials: Fertilizer
Material Handling Rate: 1000TPH

Potash Unit Train Unloading

Location: Madison Wisconsin
Materials: Potash
Material Handling Rate: 500TPH

Frac Sand Unloading & Storage

Location: Cleburne, TX
Materials: Sand
Material Handling Rate: 400TPH

Barge Loading

Location: Owensboro, KY
Materials: Gypsum
Material Handling Rate: 500 TPH

Barge Unloading & Rail Car Loading

Location: Evansville, IN
Materials: Iron Carbide
Material Handling Rate: 400 TPH minimum